About Me

Photos are one of my most cherished possessions. I imagine that might be true for you too. I love how looking through photos brings back memories and emotions from different times in our lives.

Speaking of emotion, that’s one of the reasons I love weddings. I love the excitement, the emotion, and the “happily ever after” magic in the air on a couple’s wedding day. I still look back at photos from my own wedding and get teary-eyed. As a photographer, it’s such a rewarding experience to work with my clients to tell their story and document moments that they’ll be able to look back on and cherish for the rest of their lives.

 So, what else is there to know about me?

  • I love glasses.
  • I wear a lot of hats -- literally. I’m partial to flat caps.
  • I dream in black and white, and color, but never sepia tone. Ever.
  • I'm a total marching band geek.
  • I love movies. I love popcorn. I love popcorn at the movies.
  • My taste in music is awesomely eclectic.
  • I love dogs. Ask me about mine sometime.
  • I prefer savory to sweet, except where chocolate is concerned.
  • My first job was working at the Gap. To this day, I can still fold a fierce t-shirt.

Head over to my portfolio and check out some of my previous work. Then drop me a line. I'd love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee, tea, maybe a beer, and find out more about you and how I can help you document your special day.